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      Exercise is something common but significant. Although nearly everyone knows its importance, people use less time to exercise. We often have many social engagement every day, or stay at home to watch TV, while do not like doing exercise.

  Doing exercise has many advantages. First of all, exercise is significant to health. It goes without saying that the importance of heath to people. There is a Chinese saying,” Health is the source of revolution.” And the most important way to keep health is to do exercise. When doing exercise, your whole body can get moved, and each function can be exercised, which will make you become healthy.

Secondly, exercise helps you to save money. If we do not does exercise often, we may in a bad health. Thus, we have to go to the hospital to see the doctor. As it is known to all, the medical industry is very expensive. It may cost your 1000 RMB or more for going to the hospital once.

Last, exercise will make you become more and more beautiful and strong, which will make you look better. 

There are others benefits to do exercise. I just do not list here. Move, try yourself to do some exercise, do not always sitting on the chair.

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